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This period was followed by another two years of further education and training in preparation of my mastership examination, which I took before the board of examiners of the Stuttgart Chamber of Crafts.

What I was able to conserve from my basic education in metalworking until today is my dedication to quality and precision and not to forget the fascination for engineering, which is a tremendous advantage for me nowadays, when realizing technical photography projects, such as e.g. in mechanical engineering.

The creative element in my life, however, was developed already distinctly earlier, namely when I was still a child, taking my father’s Super 8 camera along (a somewhat difficult venture at the time, since it was rather an expensive object that required considerable efforts on my end to convince him).

A positive aspect was the fact that the well-known German author of children’s books Paul Maar (Sams) had been my art teacher at the Albert-Schweizer Gymnasium (Senior High School) in Crailsheim, where I had the opportunity and pleasure of participating in the Film AG (voluntary workgroup). I assume that the cornerstone for my dedication to creativity and love of photography has been laid there.

Optimal quality and maximum professionalism – this is what my employees and I stand for. This is just as true for our photography as it is for the subsequent processing and editing of the images, when shooting videos and working at our editing suite, but also when it comes to the creation of images and prints. Our motto is “as perfect as possible”, since satisfied customers are the most valuable assets of any enterprise and its employees.

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